About Infinos

Who we are

We are a young group of enthusiastic people who work very hard to deliver more than what is expected by our customers. We are a registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Govt. of India).Our aim is to make revolutionary products on Renewable Energy, IOT, Integrated-Educational Kit.It also includes Technical Service on Mechanical Design, Prototyping, PCB Design, Hardware Application & Software Application & Automation. Our quality team, here at Infinos will work out every detail to give you the Hardware and Software Solutions suited to your needs with only the sky being the limit!

Secret: Which is exactly why we named our company, Infinos in the first place!


IoT based Renewable Energy Device

Integrated Educational Kit (AR, 3D Printed Robotics)


Cube-Sat Prototype Design & Launching Workshop
Learn And design your own satellite prototype
PCB Design & Application Workshop
Design your own circuit in real pcb and implement it
Quantum Dot Circuit Workshop
Unique Workshop Related to quantum computing & Design of quantum dot circuit
Renewable Energy & Automation Workshop
Renewable Energy based kit and Workshop
Robotics/Embedded System Workshop
Design your Own bot & Multi Hardware Prototype
Research & Tech Support
Various Project Support
3D Printing & Application Workshop
Multi Material 3D printing
Home automation and Industrial IoT application
Digital and Analog Sensor design and applications
Unique experience on A.I and its applications
Architectural Designs with Electronics Implementation.
Educational Projects
Design your Own bot & Multi Hardware Prototype

Our Team

Sourav Karmakar


Elena Petrakova

Educational Advisor (Aerospace)

Nithish Kumar

Co-ordinator (Bangalore)

Rohanak Naidu

Business Developement


David Iron

Founder, Lunar Mission One

"A new collaborative edutech growth supporting LM1 in India"

Adriano Auntino

Founder, Space Renaissance Intl.

"Great initiative of Space edutech & outreach with focused vision"

Larisa Golovko

President, Landviser LLC

"An active & young team of R&D"

Luisa Carbone

Project Manager, Horizon 2020

"I like their product into hardware & space, looking forward to see it"

Why You Choose Us?

Innovative Team

We have an Innovative team.

Creative Approach

We have a creative approach towards the problems.

Hardware & Software Solutions

We provide Hardware & Software Solution.

Workshop / Training

We arrange workshops and we provide training.


We have a dedicated team for Research and Developement.

Quality Product

Quality of Product is important and we mind it.

Contact Us

Contact details
IIIT-H Campus CIE, Gachibowli, Hyderabad-500032 (Main)

#1792,18th A Main,2nd Phase,JP Nagar,Bangalore-560078

+91-9100674510 / 7204622405 / 9591307495

infinostech@gmail.com / contact@infinostech.com